IIT Palakkad invites application for ‘Covackathon’

IIT Palakkad invites application for ‘Covackathon’
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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Palakkad) is organising a hackathon to develop innovative solutions to solve various burdens caused during the Covid-19 pandemic. The hackathon also aims at rolling out solutions in a short period that can be easily made available for the public to access.

The hackathon termed ‘Covackathon’ is organised by the technology innovation foundation (TECHIN) of IIT Palakkad, in collaboration with Kerala Government, Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), Kerala Digital University, Maker Village, and Junction P.

The Covackathon is an online hackathon spread over 72 hours split across two weekends  24 July 2021 through 1 August 2021 and the last date of applying is on 30 June 2021 till 5:00 PM. A team should have a minimum of two members and a maximum of four members.

According to TECHIN website, “The hackathon is aimed at creating innovative solutions in a short period of time. Help the states and country to get back up on its feel, heal itself, and prepare for the next wave.” 


The selected teams after the hackathon will be incubated by TECHIN in collaboration with Kerala Startup Mission and Maker Village. The winners will get the opportunity to build their prototype, field test, assess the business viability, and eventually deploy the products.

“We expect to provide upto 4 prizes with innovation grants worth upto Rs. 25 lakhs towards incubation and other forms of support for the winning teams,” stated TECHIN website.

Some of the problems IIT Palakkad is trying to address through the hackathon are supply chain optimization for urgent medical essentials, biomedical devices for ease of testing and diagnosis, ways to reduce hospital waste, early detection of post covid complications, and ease of education during covid, among others.

The winners will also get an opportunity for mentoring by world-class mentors, faculty, entrepreneurs, including PAN IIT network, access to consultants for legal, financial, IP, business aspects.

For details and applying: https://techin-iitpkd.org/upcoming-events/

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