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We are a group of young journalists with more than a decade of experience in reporting about the start-up ecosystem in the country. It can be rightly said that our team evolved along with the evolution of several start-up firms here. We have closely observed the journey of several young entrepreneurs from their small home-office set up to become brands.

The StartupMalayalam team broke the stories of many firms whom the industry now proudly calls as Unicorns. For instance, we were the team that penned the journey of Flipkart when it started as a small online book store to the first round of funding. We witnessed several ups and downs in the company. We covered the journey when Flipkart was acquired by Walmart and also the stepping down of the founders.

Now, we are on a mission to revive the start-up ecosystem in Kerala, the land of opportunities. Though we have abundant resources, human capital and quality talent we missed the bus. The State which created the first tech park in the country failed to capitalize on the IT boom. This is the time for Kerala to revitalize the energy, charm, and steam to be the next start-up hub of the country. With many initiatives, the Kerala start-up mission is also betting big on Kerala. We are also planning to invest a bit of our experience, time and platform to support Kerala towards its journey towards tomorrow.

StartupMalayalam will focus on all start-up and tech-related activities in the country with a thrust on Kerala, Malayali. We plan to act as a bridge between the successful Malayali entrepreneurs, aspiring Malayali founder, we will connect to the world business community.  We will do more stories on start-ups founded in Kerala, or started by Malayalis, business leaders who are Malayalis, and anything and everything on start-ups. We intend to connect Keralam with the world.

We are starting with English…Soon we will be live in മലയാളം